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개발자: Red Team Productions
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The first and the best Ski Teaching App series just got better! Together with the whole Series, SkiTips 2 has been significantly improved – with new Video, new mountain friendly controls and a great new look. Transform your skiing this winter with your Ski Instructor in your pocket!

The SkiTips series of Ski Teaching Apps sets new standards in Sports instruction, giving skiers for the first time the ability to take all of their instructional media out on the slopes with them. SkiTips2 teaches & demonstrates all the more advanced skiing skills that enable intermediates and advanced skiers to ski all the more difficult runs on the slopes in good control. It covers high speed carving, control turns for steep slopes, intermediate & and advanced bump skiing, skiing ice & skiing powder. The App uses real time & slow motion sequences to help make it easy for you learn how to perform the manoeuvres. Every level of skier beyond beginner will benefit from practicing the exercises presented.

This App, together with the others in the series, has been created as both a self-teaching aide and as a supplement to ski lessons. If you are having lessons, we recommend that you watch the App before your lessons and then use the App afterwards to practice what you were taught during your lessons. You can also use the App together with a friend to help correct each others faults.

Based on the renowned "Ski Tips" series of Books, Videos and DVDs the SkiTips Apps have been especially developed for use on the mountain. Ergonomic considerations lie at the heart of the design: the video content maximises contrast in bright light; large buttons and bold text guide the user through the various sections and chapters, while every screen has a text flip screen that explains the manoeuvres & provides various tips & more detailed instruction on how to perform them.

The Apps also break new ground in the range of instruction available. You can read the background, context and logic of a particular lesson; can watch a video clip that teaches how to perform the technique and can then place the App in your pocket & practice it yourself with the aid of an Audio Loop which guides you down the mountain repeating the instruction (so you don’t need to look at the video) – exactly as though your Instructor were right there beside you. Nothing less than a full immersion!

SkiTips2 contains a wealth of instructional media with a User Interface which is simplicity itself. In addition to 20 individual lessons, five special training programs are presented to help you correct bad habits, ski safely & improve specific skiing skills.

SkiTips for the iPhone is a genuine First for the industry – your Ski Instructor in your pocket!